Clackamas Tool Welding—
taking quality to the extreme

For more than 35 years, Clackamas Tool Welding and its team of certified welders have provided unparalleled quality and service for a wide range of precision welding applications.
     We serve an ever-growing number of highly satisfied customers, most notably in the commercial, aerospace, tool and die, and medical industries.

A passion for excellence sets us apart

Creating consistent, precision welds requires the right equipment, the right kinds of skills, and perhaps most importantly, the right attitude.
     That’s why we hand-pick our welders not only for their professional ability, but for their devotion to their craft.

A commitment to Total Quality Management

Our constant pursuit of extreme quality drives everything we do.
     Our Total Quality Management program encompasses state-of-the-art equipment, an extensive list of certifications, and the critical eye of our on-site certified welding inspector, who verifies all metallurgical processes and provides in-process inspection and final inspection.

Experience the CTW difference

Put your welding projects in the highly capable hands of CTW and see what sets us apart—in precision welds, in customer service, and in supreme quality.
     We will strive to exceed your needs and expectations at every turn.